Fraud Barristers in London

25 Bedford Row specialises in defending individual and corporate clients accused of fraud, financial crime, international bribery and corruption, and other corporate crime. We have developed unrivalled expertise in fraud and associated work. Our fraud group comprises some of the most highly regarded Queen’s Counsel and junior counsel offering representation at all levels.

If you are an individual or a corporation suspected of fraud or other financial or corporate crime, effective representation by a Fraud Barrister can help to minimise the impact of an investigation or prosecution and give you and your business the best chance of winning your case in court.

Our Fraud and Financial Crime Barristers are a group of highly experienced specialists.

As the only barrister’s chambers specialising exclusively defence advice and advocacy in criminal and civil fraud, we are regarded as the preeminent set of barristers for individuals and businesses defending against charges of fraud, financial crime and related regulatory matters.

Why should I choose 25 Bedford Row fraud barristers?

  • Our dedicated fraud barristers provide the highest quality advice and representation in every case.
  • We have acted in many of the most complex and difficult fraud cases in recent memory.
  • We prepare every case meticulously, ensuring that we have a total grasp of detail.
  • We provide straightforward, practical advice, from the early stages of investigations to trial strategy.
  • Our Fraud Barristers understand the impact of criminal and regulatory investigations and prosecution on our clients and their businesses. Our clients can expect our complete support from the outset. We are experienced in defending in every type of investigation and prosecution from a wide variety of agencies. We have successfully defended prosecutions conducted by the Serious Fraud Office, Crown Prosecution Service, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, Financial Conduct Authority, Trading Standards, Office of Fair Trading, and HMRC.
  • We are experts on disclosure, abuse of process and other technical aspects of the investigation and prosecution of fraud.
  • Our specialist fraud and regulatory barristers also advise and train businesses and their managers on compliance in anti-money laundering procedures and anti-bribery and corruption, as well as on legal and practical developments.

What types of cases do fraud barristers at 25 Bedford Row deal with?

We have vast experience of defending in every type of fraud case brought before the courts. We advise solicitors, businesses and banks on compliance and anti-money laundering procedures, bribery prevention, and corporate criminal liability. We frequently provide urgent advice on Sanctions and Suspicious Activity Reports.

Our fraud barristers are experienced in all types of complex white collar fraud, and cases featuring international financial transactions. We have acted in cartel and competition cases, investment frauds, stock market and banking frauds of all types, insider trading, boiler room frauds, ‘Ponzi’ schemes, advanced fee frauds, pension, carbon credit and election frauds, VAT and diversion frauds, and property frauds.

We are increasingly asked to advise on specialist areas including abuse of process, warrants, disclosure, legal professional privilege, restraint and forfeiture proceedings, confiscation and asset recovery, international and cross-border investigations, extradition and mutual assistance.

Our fraud barristers defend in all types cases prosecuted by HM Revenue and Customs, and have successfully defended in some of the largest prosecutions of this type. Our fraud specialists act in regulatory proceedings brought by HMRC including appearing for appellants in the VAT and Duties Tribunal. We are also experienced and highly successful in challenges to HMRC and other agencies following seizures of cash and other criminal finance litigation.

Our barristers offer considerable experience in defending applications for freezing, restraint and confiscation orders and orders for asset forfeiture. We frequently secure successful outcomes for our clients.

25 Bedford Row barristers have acted in a number of high profile corruption investigations and prosecutions in recent years. We have provided expert defence advice on anti-bribery and corruption and on the Bribery Act 2010 since its inception. Our fraud barristers often work alongside overseas lawyers in multi-national investigations.

Fraud Barristers FAQ

Why do I need a fraud barrister?

Fraud investigations and prosecutions can have very serious consequences for individuals and businesses. Advice from a barrister at the early stages can help to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, and help you and your business navigate the complexities of this field of specialism. Our fraud defence barristers are renowned for providing the highest quality advocacy and independent legal advice and can make a substantial difference to the outcome of fraud investigations and prosecutions.

Can’t I just use a solicitor? What are the main differences between a fraud barrister and a solicitor in the UK?

A solicitor is likely to adopt a team approach to any fraud investigation or prosecution and will employ the services of a fraud barrister to advise and to deal with the presentation of your case if it gets to court.

Solicitors provide legal advice and support to their clients. They often liaise directly with investigators and represent their clients if they are interviewed. They take instructions from the client and deal with the necessary paperwork and communication before the case comes to court. Solicitors are primarily litigators, although many can now do their own advocacy. If a case goes to trial, a solicitor will generally refer the client to a specialist fraud defence barrister for expert advice and representation in court.

Barristers are engaged by solicitors and individual clients to provide specialist advise on the law and the evidence, to draft legal documents, and to structure and present the case in court in order to achieve the best result. Fraud barristers can help by advising clients from a very early stage, even before a charging decision is made.

Some solicitors provide advocacy services to their clients, although many in fraud cases prefer to instruct a barrister to do this because criminal barristers are trained and specialist advocates. Clients are entitled to ask their solicitor to instruct the barrister of their choice.

What is the process of instructing a fraud barrister?

Fraud and corporate crime barristers are usually instructed through a solicitor. 25 Bedford Row has a good working relationship with solicitors and together will be able to help identify the most suitable fraud barrister to deal with your case. If a client has a chosen barrister in mind they may ask their solicitor to instruct that barrister.

Can I use the Direct Access Scheme for fraud cases?

The direct access scheme allows potential clients to directly instruct fraud barristers for specialist opinion and advice, without the need to first engage the services of a solicitor. Not all cases are suitable for direct access representation, and in many fraud cases it is important to assemble a team of specialists, including a solicitor, to assist.

If you think your fraud case might be suitable for direct access, contact chambers by telephone or email with details of your case and your requirements. Our experienced clerks will advise on which barristers may be suitable.

Is it possible to get legal aid for fraud barristers using the Direct Access Scheme?

It is not possible to apply for legal aid in direct access fraud cases.

Click here for further information on Direct Access Scheme.

Growth in its serious fraud and business crime practice is a testament to its reputation for advocacy and advisory services of the highest quality

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