Forthcoming Seminars

Details of the next seminar will appear here as soon as they are confirmed. In the meantime, if you have any questions or requests for CPD topics, please email our Deputy Director of Clerking, Emma Makepeace.

Female Fraud Forum Webcast: Addressing the Gender Gap

Despite the fact that half of practising lawyers in the UK are women, 93% of law firms say the most highly compensated partner is a man. Throughout the profession, female lawyers continue to be significantly under-represented in positions of senior...

Ingrained Injustice in the UK Legal System

Webinar Date: 9th July 2020 Time: 7pm to 9pm Format: via Zoom During the current global Black Lives Matter protests following media focus on grave injustices on the African American community in the USA, this webinar provides a short assessment...

Trial by Jury - On Death Row

WEBINAR Date: 7th July 2020 Time: 5pm - 6.15pm Format: via Zoom This vitally important Webinar will address government proposals to restrict the right to trial by jury in the United Kingdom.   Trial by jury for serious offences is “more...
Sources agree that “old favourite” 25 Bedford Row is incredibly “user-friendly” and “strong across the board.

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