Client Service Set of the Year

Chambers are delighted to have been awarded Client Service Set of the Year for 2018 by Chambers & Partners.

25 Bedford Row was the first set of chambers  to be awarded the  distinguished accreditation, the “Bar Mark” in 1999, the  quality services endorsement  from the Bar Council at that time. We now have nearly 20 years of exemplary service under our belt.
Their service provision has catapulted the set into the top tier of criminal barristers chambers.   Their members  have been carefully selected for a long time, based on their quality and  diversity,  and the primary goal was obtaining the work that accurately reflected the level of their expertise and capability.    The progression  of 25 Bedford Row has been steadily navigated  by Guy Williams  and  has been  achieved by a closely managed  growth strategy .   The quality of work and current income level is appreciated by the set as a true reflection of the work undertaken during the past 20 years.
Guy Williams is widely respected as one of the most outstanding criminal clerks . He  runs his experienced  clerking team extremely well,  allowing his close team  to share the strategic decisions and giving them the freedom to develop the areas best suited to their attributes.  Emma Makepeace is commercially driven, efficient and extremely personable, Alfie Lee is effective, knowledgeable and client focused. 
The strength of the set is the breadth of their client base, necessary  to support the competing needs of their barristers. In serious  crime, chambers work for High Street firms and in financial and regulatory matters, 25 Bedford Row work for  top tier and commercial city firms.  Both Barristers and Clerks create professional relationships with depth,  which is testament to their approachable, accessible nature and their integrity.  
Clerks are realistic about availability and communicative about potential clashes and issues that arise.    They offer transparency with fees, applying a formulaic structure with flexibility to suit different client needs.
Chambers offer direct lay client  assistance, the clerks are known to take  time to consider the needs of each lay client.   Their experience and ability to adapt and communicate have ensured direct access enquiries are an important route for clients seeking the best advice & assistance with their case.
Barristers are renowned for their client driven, pro –active service  and accessibility.
The quality of counsel and the support offered, both internally and externally, at 25 Bedford Row,  is why this set is recognised as excelling in all areas relating to client service.

Their reputation for excellence is demonstrated by involvement in almost every recent major serious trial, whether in fraud, terrorism or general crime

Chambers & Partners


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