Terrorism Barrister

Members of chambers have developed a significant expertise in this area of the law, having been involved in many if not most of the more important, serious, complex and high profile cases to come before the British courts in recent times, a number of which have contributed to the development of the domestic and European jurisprudence in this area including:

  • R -v- Ciarán Maxwell – The “Marine who turned to terror”
  • R -v- Anjem Choudary and Another - A case concerning encouraging support for IS
  • R -v- Mohammed Alamgir and Others - A Luton Al-Muhajiroun cell infiltrated in an undercover operation
  • R -v- Feroz Khan and Others – Prison disorder said to be a Lee Rigby copycat incident
  • R -v- Humzah Ali and Another - An IS Syrian traveller and terrorist material dissemination case
  • R -v- Yousaf Syed and Others - The “Poppy Day Plot”
  • R -v- Roshonara Choudhry - The attempted murder of Steven Timms MP
  • R -v- Muktar Ibrahim and Others - The 21/7 London Bombings
  • R -v- Abdul Saleem - The Danish Cartoon Protest Case
  • R -v- Kanyare & Others - The “Fake Sheikh" red mercury case
  • R -v- Samina Malik - The “Lyrical Terrorist”
  • R -v- Zakariya Ashiq - The “Walter Mitty Muslim”
  • R -v- Kamel Bourgass and Others - The ricin conspiracy
  • R -v- Ahmad Ali and Others - The liquid bomb transatlantic flight plot
  • R -v- Dhiren Barot and Others - The “Dirty Bomb” conspiracy
  • R -v- Omar Khyam and Others - The “Fertilizer Bomb” operation
  • R -v- Abdul Raheem and Others - A West Midlands network connected to Parvais Khan
  • R -v- Sulayman Zain-Ul-Abidin - The first UK Islamic terrorist prosecution
  • R -v- Abu Hamza - Incitement to murder and possession of terrorist material
  • R -v- Babar Ahmed – A terrorism based US extradition

Members advise and act, at all stages of a terrorism case, including approaches by the security services, stop and search, pre-charge detention hearings and proceedings in foreign jurisdictions or international tribunals/courts.

Chambers have acted in landmark human rights challenges to terrorism-related executive action, such as control orders, extradition proceedings and asset freezing orders.

"International Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing - a UK perspective", Sweet & Maxwell, 2009 Paul Hynes QC, Richard Furlong & Nathaniel Rudolf

Their reputation for excellence is demonstrated by involvement in almost every recent major serious trial

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