Homicide and Serious Violence

25 Bedford Row take pride in being the only barristers chambers devoted exclusively to defending criminal prosecutions. Our niche makes us experts in criminal defence law. As such, we have extensive experience representing individuals accused of the most serious crimes. We are familiar with and regularly act for individuals facing allegations of murder and manslaughter. Often those attracting national media interest.

When faced with allegations of such a serious nature it is imperative you retain the most experienced legal representation  for each and every stage of your criminal proceedings. This fundamentally not only ensures you have the most competent legal team working around the clock to defend your liberty but also ensures you are seamlessly guided through what will undoubtedly be a very challenging time.

The cumulative experience at 25 Bedford Row spans across decades, with members frequently asked by leading news channels including the BBC and Channel 4 for their comments on criminal law. Members of Chambers work exclusively in the criminal courts, at every level, defending persons accused of serious and violent crimes including:

  • Murder/Manslaughter
  • GBH
  • Wounding
  • Assault
  • Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
  • Ill-treatment and wilful neglect
  • Firearms
  • Knife crime
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Gross Negligence Manslaughter

As niche criminal defence experts, we have a long-established reputation for excellence in defending the most challenging murder and manslaughter cases. Our unrelenting commitment to defending those accused of grave crimes allows us to provide unparalleled defence representation.

Recent notable cases involve clients being acquitted of joint enterprise murder (if in a group), raising successful and/or complex defences resulting in those clients being convicted of a lesser offence (with lesser penalties). Whatever your factual circumstances you can be assured that barristers at 25 Bedford Row will do everything in their power to secure the fairest outcome.

The barristers at 25 Bedford Row will employ their skill and compassion, to maximum effect, ensuring your case is handled effectively from the outset while giving you the sympathetic personal support you need during this difficult time.

We are highly familiar with instructing and cross-examining experts in cases involving scientific and/or medical issues. We will ensure that all mitigating circumstances are considered, so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

For immediate advice and representation for charges of murder, manslaughter or serious violence offences, please get in touch now.

Why choose 25 Bedford Row for cases concerning murder, manslaughter and serious violence?

Our cumulative experience and niche focus on serious crimes such as murder and manslaughter mean we are able to provide the best advice and representation throughout each stage of the proceedings. Our homicide and serious violence barristers are highly experienced advocates who are able to deal with the most sensitive and/or challenging matters with ease. They meticulously prepare cases to ensure clients have the very best possible outcome, in the circumstances.

25 Bedford Row are regularly instructed to defend murders of a joint enterprise nature , whereby a person, by virtue of their group involvement is accused of murder, manslaughter or causing serious injury, regardless of their physical actions. Joint enterprise law means many can face conviction, by being held accountable for the whole group, even if they did not directly inflict injury on the victim.

If you are accused of murder or any other serious crime involving death or serious injury of another, it may be you have a valid defence in law. Of course, whether you have a defence depends on the specific facts of your case and members of 25 Bedford Row can properly advise you to this effect. We have experience in successfully raising the following defences including:

Self-defence, where you were being attacked or believed you were about to be attacked and you believed that the degree of force you used to defence yourself was reasonable under the circumstances.  

Loss of control, where at the time of the alleged offence you were unable to consciously limit your behaviour due to experiencing overwhelming emotion.

Diminished responsibility, where it can be shown that at the time or the offence, you were not capable of understanding the nature of the conduct you were engaging in, forming a rational judgment or exercising self-control.

Involuntary manslaughter including gross negligence manslaughter, medical manslaughter and corporate manslaughter, which makes it an offence to cause a person’s death through a gross breach of a relevant duty of care owed by an  organisation or employer to the deceased.  The circumstances of these offences are usually incredibly complex and members of 25 Bedford Row have extensive experience in defending these types of allegations, having been instructed in some of the most significant cases of recent times.

The criminal offence of murder is the most serious crime under UK law, it has extremely serious penalties for those who are convicted. As such, there can be no compromise when it comes to your representation. Our specialist homicide barristers at 25 Bedford Row will ensure you have the best chance available to achieve the fairest and most favourable outcome.

Cases of this nature invariably follow the most complex and wide ranging of police investigations. The key evidence relied upon by the prosecution will often include the analysis and presentation of “cell site” evidence relating to the geographical position and movement of mobile telephones. This will be presented in conjunction with evidence seeking to attribute the use of a particular mobile phone to a particular defendant together with the records of calls, texts and data usage at relevant times. Our serious violence barristers are skilled and experienced in dealing with this type of evidence and will provide advice in respect of the instruction of defence experts to counter the prosecution case.

The same can be said in respect of the evidence relating to cause of death and infliction of injury which must be considered very carefully and countered where appropriate with evidence from defence experts. Our homicide barristers are well versed in the cross examination of pathologists and other medical experts relied upon by the prosecution.

The analysis of material not relied upon by the prosecution known as “unused material” which has been obtained during the course of the police investigation is something that our barristers will pursue tenaciously. This is a critical aspect of the preparation of the defence case that will often demonstrate flaws in the prosecution case such as a failure to investigate other suspects or retain information that may have assisted the defence.

Our criminal defence barristers provide the highest quality of advice and representation to clients facing the most serious and challenging charges, so whatever your situation, we are fully committed to ensuring you have the best possible defence.

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Their reputation for excellence is demonstrated by involvement in almost every recent major serious trial

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