Tenancy applications after completion

No pupillage at 25 Bedford Row is offered with a guarantee of (or with a view to) further pupillage or tenancy at its conclusion. All pupils must apply for such further pupillages and/or tenancies as may be available.

Chambers’ policy in respect of pupil recruitment is that applications for tenancy will not be considered until completion of a Probationary Tenancy. Within one month prior to the conclusion of a twelve-month pupillage, pupils can (and will be invited to) apply to for a further extension for three months, by means of a written letter to the Chair of the Pupillage Committee.

Applications will be considered by the Pupillage Committee, with regard to the views expressed by the clerks and Pupil Supervisors.

Junior tenants may be recruited from in-house pupils at the conclusion of their Probationary Tenancy. They may be considered alongside any external candidates (as to which Chambers will advertise generally for prospective junior tenants before making any decision).

Chambers is committed to a process that is fair, comprehensive and includes on-going assessment. The purpose is two-fold.

To ensure that pupils are given every opportunity to demonstrate their skills over the period of their pupillages.

The ultimate aim is that chambers’ recruits the talented pupil(s). The standard expected of pupils is a high one. Chambers’ recruits pupils who are “exceptional”.

Ultimately, Chambers will not offer a tenancy to any pupil who is not deemed to have the ability, determination and potential to make an outstanding Barrister, advocate and ambassador for 25 Bedford Row and to create and sustain a successful practice.

It is a very impressive set, with quite a diverse range of characters. There is something for everybody.

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