Murder, Mystery & My Family - BBC1 9.15am

Jeremy Dein QC has a lead role in the forthcoming innovative BBC1 series  that tells  the story of  10 UK  capital punishment cases, spanning the last 125 years. With the benefit of deep rooted research into the facts  and  circumstances, Jeremy examines the evidence through the prism of modern day investigative methods. Each episode focuses heavily upon the sociological, historical and legal issues revolving around the question of whether a miscarriage of justice has occurred. In addition, in each case, a family member’s interest in this modern day criminal justice investigation is charted.
Episode One looks at the case of Charlotte Bryant, hanged for the murder of her husband, Fred Bryant, in Dorset, in 1935.  The remaining 9 episodes are to be screened on sequential weekdays  thereafter. Each is the unique tale of a hanging case, at different stages of legal history, bearing it’s own individual features  and fascinating complications.
As regards his involvement in this project, Jeremy observes “I feel privileged to have been asked to participate in this important series of  programmes.  These  capital cases each brought home to me, more than ever, the paramount importance of strong, fearless and relentless criminal defence. The death penalty is barbaric. It  should be abolished throughout the world. If ever this is to be doubted, this series proves to the contrary."


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