Jeremy Dein QC
  • Calm, thorough and a man who takes his cases extremely seriously. Clients end up eating out of the palm of his hand.

    Chambers UK 2021

  • An incredibly capable defence practitioner who specialises in serious matters including murder, terrorism and organised crime.

    Chambers UK 2021

  • Dein has significant appellate experience and is known for his sure touch when dealing with vulnerable defendants with mental illness.

    Chambers UK 2021

  • Uncompromising in his defence of young clients.

    Legal 500 2021, Crime

  • A very bright and respected advocate with a growing reputation in the Court of Appeal.

    Chambers UK 2020

  • He is very diligent and very capable.

    Chambers UK 2020

  • The more complex and intense the case, the more he thrives.

    Legal 500 2020

  • He exhausts every possible avenue to move the case forward.

    Chambers UK 2019

  • A fantastic silk who is excellent on the legal arguments and extremely hard-working.

    Chambers UK 2019

  • Incredibly capable and both authoritative and approachable.

    Chambers UK 2018

  • Committed and client friendly.

    Legal 500 2017

Called 1982

Silk 2003

Appointed Recorder 2004

Jeremy Dein QC

Head of Chambers

Jeremy Dein QC is one of the most experienced and highly regarded defence counsel in the Country. He has an unparalleled reputation for the committed fearless, relentless , and highly professional defence of his clients. Jeremy is uniquely skilful at trial before a jury, on sentence in front of a judge, and in the Court of Appeal. His objective is always the same, the best result for his client humanly possible.

Band 1 Silk, Crime, Chambers and Partners and Legal 500

Jeremy is also able to draw from his long experience as a Crown Court Recorder, most recently at the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey. He is well respected by the judiciary, and universally trusted by the professions. His outstanding knowledge and application of criminal law and procedure are rooted in his academic grounding. Jeremy’s passion for excellence in criminal defence is also manifested by his close connections with the media, where he is widely sought after as a criminal justice expert. Overall, Jeremy Dein QC is unrivalled in what he can bring to the defence of his client, as manifested by results at trial, and on appeal, over almost four decades of practice .

Jeremy has a longstanding, special interest, in appellate work, believing that the Court of appeal is a route that must be followed whenever feasible. He is direct access accredited and has huge experience in taking on appeals against conviction and sentence of both a historical and contemporary type. He will always look to appeal with a fresh, open minded and eager approach, undaunted by the history of the case. He has consistently achieved notable results on a regular basis and continues to regard the appellate process as an underused but vital weapon in the criminal justice defence armoury. He is extremely popular with privately funded clients due to the hands on service he provides, his accessibility, and total dedication to the case in hand. Both at trial, and on appeal, privately paying defendants have been universally satisfied with the service provided, and the absolute commitment shown.


Jeremy’s strategy begins with early efforts to avoid his clients having to confront the trauma of the trial process. He will use any combination of legal or procedural arguments in order to achieve this. Jeremy is only too aware of how shattering criminal proceedings can be for accused and family, and he is therefore as proactive as possible from the outset, using his vast experience to bring proceedings to an end as swiftly as possible. He is relentless in this respect.

At Trial

Jeremy has defended in every type of criminal case imaginable. Having taken Silk in 2003, he has unmatched expertise in homicide, serious sex, organised crime, and all manner of top level cases. For twenty years, he has appeared relentlessly at the Old Bailey, where he is as well known as any counsel in the UK. He has also conducted many serious cases across the UK, generally before High court judges. Jeremy has been frequently instructed in high profile cases, where there is an intense media spotlight, such as that of Tulisa Conostavlos, former X Factor judge, where he was successful despite facing the combined might of police, media and unparalleled publicity. He has great experience in handling the pressures, and in guiding his client through turbulent times. Whether battling for liberty, reputation, or both, he is renowned for the scrupulousness of his preparation, and the power of his presentation. Further examples are: Kano Robinson, international rapper, Blake Fielder Civil, Amy Winehouses’s husband, and Eric Joyce, Labour MP.

Overall, Jeremy is as comfortable addressing a jury on the facts, as he is making complex submissions of law. He sees these twin features of criminal defence. His ethos is a team one, insisting on working with the very best and most appropriate junior available, regarding team ethos as the king pin of effective criminal defence .

On Appeal

Jeremy has a professional lifetime of experience in the Court of appeal, a forum in which he has always flourished. He appears in the court of appeal with the confidence of a seasoned appellate advocate. Where he has conducted the trial, his approach is one of fearless complaint. Additionally, he has a unique background in accepting instructions having not appeared at trial (whether via solicitors or on direct access). His strategy is one of comprehensive review, positivity, and creativity. No stone is left unturned, whatever the history, however daunting the challenge and whatever the extent of the work, preparation or research. Prime examples are W, where Jeremy succeeded in a hotly contested murder appeal, and H, where convictions for multiple class A drugs offences were quashed despite negative advice from trial counsel. Both appeals were decided in early 2020. Earlier, in 2019, in Ardic, he secured the quashing of an extended sentence, and a dramatic reduction in time to be served, despite leave to appeal having been refused. His policy relies upon careful but exhaustive analysis. No money will be wasted, his advice will always be honest, forth right and constructive.


Jeremy is been one of the countries leading media experts on criminal Justice. He appears often on BBC radio, LBC and Talk radio, as well as on national television. He is also joint presenter and defence legal analyst in the BBC’s, award winning documentary series “Murder, Mystery and my family". His role is to uncover miscarriage of justices in real, historic, UK death penalty cases. Jeremy is a fervent opponent of capital punishment. His passion on this topic, and criminal defence generally, can be gleaned from his input to the 50 programmes made, many available on YouTube. Series 5 is due to air on BBC 1 in 2021. During lockdown he launched his podcast series “Criminal Justice on trial”, a series of podcasts focusing upon all aspects of the criminal justice system, especially the plight of prisoners at the height of the pandemic.

Recent Testimonials

  • "Uncompromising in his defence of young clients". Legal 500 2021
  • "Calm, thorough and a man who takes his cases extremely seriously. Clients end up eating out of the palm of his hand". Chambers & Partners 2021
  • "A very bright and respected advocate with a growing reputation in the Court of Appeal" Chambers UK 2020
  • "He is very diligent and very capable." Chambers UK 2020
  • "The more complex and intense the case, the more he thrives" Legal 500 2020
  • "He exhausts every possible avenue to move the case forward." Chambers UK 2019
  • "A fantastic silk who is excellent on the legal arguments and extremely hard-working." Chambers UK 2019
  • "Incredibly capable and both authoritative and approachable". Chambers UK 2018
  • "Committed and client-friendly". Legal 500 2017
  • "Highly sought-after to defend, particularly in murder cases. In ten years as silk he has established a busy, high-level crime practice". Chambers UK 2017
  • "He is one of the finest advocates and his preparation before the trial is just amazing." Chambers UK 2017
  • "He is very strong, has a very nice manner with the jury, and always gives his clients 100%" Chambers UK 2017
  • "He's immensely reassuring when you've got a murder case with a strong forensic element as he's not at all frightened of facing scientific issues and leading them to the advantage of his client. A great jury advocate who is academically very bright." Chambers UK 2017
  • "It is clear he cares more about his clients than anything else". Legal 500 2016
  • "Very much an advocate you underestimate at your peril." Legal 500 2016

Career Path

2020: Appointed Patron, Queen Mary College, University of London, Criminal Justice Society 2020: Appointed Chair, Criminal Bar Association, Law Reform Committee.
2015: Shortlisted for Crime Silk of the Year – Chambers UK Bar Awards 2015
2015: Appointed Old Bailey Recorder.
2014: Elected Joint Head of Chambers (Head of Crime group).
2012: Appointed Course Tutor, Judicial College.
2008-2011: Criminal Bar Association, National Director of Education.
2004: Appointed Recorder (Sexual Offences ticketed, 2011).
2003: Appointed Queen’s Counsel.
1982: Called to the Bar, Middle Temple.
1981: Graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London (2-1).
UK Observer national mooting completion, winner, 1980 and 1981.


  • Has served on education and race relations committees for the CBA and Bar Council.
  • Former member of “Homrag”, murder reform committee.
  • Former Chair, North London Bar Mess.


  • Member of the Criminal Bar Association.
  • Member of the South Eastern Circuit.