Tyrone Smith QC & Kathryn Arnot Drummond act in appeal against sentence in widely reported child destruction case

Kevin Wilson was convicted of child destruction and GBH with intent.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 16 years.
Tyrone and Kathryn  appealed against the sentence with leave from the single judge.  The grounds were: (1) that the trial judge should not have imposed a life sentence under s.225 CJA 2003 as there was insufficient evidence that he was dangerous; (2) that this was not a case in which a discretionary life sentence should have been imposed and, (3) that the length of the sentence was manifestly excessive.
The appeal was unsuccessful on grounds 1 and 2 as the court felt that the judge had not erred in imposing a life sentence.  However, the court agreed that the tariff length was manifestly excessive and therefore reduced the sentence as follows:  Life sentence with a minimum tariff of 16 years reduced to Life with a min tariff of 14 years. To that extent, the appeal was allowed. For a full news article - please click here


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