Called 1994

Warwick Aleeson


Warwick Aleeson is a defence specialist with, a wide range of experience and a special interest in defending high end multi-handed drug conspiracies, complex fraud matters (including money laundering, tax evasion and confiscation proceedings), homicide and serious violent crime.

Warwick has represented high profile defendants throughout England and Wales and has successfully overturned convictions in the Court of Appeal.

Warwick combines his meticulous approach and his natural flair for advocacy with a robust and fierce defence of a client’s case ensuring that each client is represented to the highest possible standards.

Warwick regularly appears as a leading junior in cases of murder, drugs conspiracies and fraud. Warwick has natural mathematical and analytical abilities which give him an excellent grasp of complex banking, telephone and cell data. He can analyse complex documents and evidence and is able to convert them into readily understandable evidence to present before the jury in the support of his client’s case.

Warwick has a great deal of experience in cases which are reliant on cell site data to establish location and movements of telephones by the prosecution, which are used heavily in serious violence and drugs cases. He is confident and skilled in the correct approach to successfully challenging this evidence.

Warwick has extensive experience in representing young and vulnerable defendant’s charged at the most serious end of the spectrum and is able to offer support and reassurance throughout a case, as well as installing confidence in his client throughout the trial process.

Qualified for Direct Access.

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association of England and Wales
  • Fraud Lawyers Association