Mark Stevens

Called 1998

Mark Stevens

Mark is a highly regarded criminal defence specialist. Mark is approachable , dependable and fearless in his desire to seek the best interests of his clients.

Instructed in cases covering all aspects of the law, and with specific expertise in homicide, serious violence, sexual offences , organised crime , drug importation and complex fraud and money laundering matters.

Renowned for his engaging court style, both as an attractive and natural jury advocate, Mark has established a strong track record, both as a leading junior, a led junior and acting alone, in matters of great weight and complexity.

He is highly committed to the defence of those he represents, combining an approachable, thorough and dependable style, which has resulted in a number of successful appearances at all levels including in the Criminal Court of Appeal.  

To meet the wide variety of criminal cases he defends in, Mark is adept at changing his approach, combining both a delicacy of touch when required with potentially vulnerable witnesses, with the fearless tenacity of a skilful cross-examiner when a more hard-hitting style is appropriate. 

Mark is an advocate of great integrity, he consistently maintains the highest professional standards, and by doing so, has earned the respect of the judiciary, his colleagues and clients alike.