Called 2008

Professor Luke Marsh

Luke Marsh is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has held visiting appointments at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia (New York), Auckland, Waseda (Tokyo) and Nottingham.

Luke has represented clients in the Youth Court, Magistrates Court and Crown Court. He received the prestigious Baron Dr. Ver Heyden De Lancey Prize for the best performance by a Middle Temple member in the Bar Examinations. Before he joined the academic community, Luke received an Erasmus grant to work at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. 

Luke was the co-founding General Editor of Archbold News (Hong Kong) and is widely published in the leading criminal law and human rights journals including The International Journal of Evidence and Proof, International Criminal Law Review, Journal of Criminal Law and Human Rights Law Review.

His critically acclaimed book Criminal Judges, co-authored with Emeritus Professor Mike McConville, provides a detailed examination of the erosion of the adversarial process in the English criminal justice system. Available here

Professor Marsh's latest book, The Myth of Judicial Independence: Criminal Justice and the Separation of Powers (with Mike McConville) has now been published by Oxford University Press. The book critically examines the claim repeatedly advanced by judges that “judicial independence” is justified by principles arising from the “rule of law” and instead shows that the “rule of law” depends upon basic principles of the common law, including an adversarial process and trial by jury, and that the underpinnings of judicial action in criminal justice today may be ideological rather than based on principles. For further details of the book, please click here.