Jonathan Mitchell

Called 1974

Jonathan Mitchell


Leading work in heavy criminal defence trials. Also advises in civil cases, especially where a criminal investigation has begun or is about to be instigated.

Articles & Publications

  • 1998 ‘Britain’s Feudal Future’
  • 2001 ‘The Wrongs of Human Rights’
  • 2001 Submissions to the EU on European Arrest Warrant
  • 2001 Submissions to the Government on the Auld Report
  • 2002 The role of Habeas Corpus throughout the EU
  • 2002 Review of ‘The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law’
  • 2002 ‘What is a European Arrest Warrant’
  • 2003 The Rights of Vulnerable Suspects in Criminal Proceedings
  • 2003 Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings throughout Europe
  • 2003 The Establishment of the International Criminal Court
  • 2006 The Weaknesses and Implausibility of the "Eurodefensor" Project
  • 2007 Necessities and Difficulties from the Lawyer's Perspective (Criminal Proceedings in Europe).
  • 2008 "The 21st Century Advocate": Defending and Protecting the Rights of the Individual Against the "Over-Mighty Subject", the State, and the Collection of States
  • 2008 The Failure of the Brussels "Justice" Forum
  • 2009 Legal Aid in Europe: a Set of Codes for the Enforcement of Good Practice in the Criminal Courts of Europe (based on the case-law of the ECHR)

Associated Work

  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • Jonathan Mitchell was one of the Founder Members of the Association at Strasbourg in 1997, was the Treasurer between 2003 -2006, and is presently on the Advisory Board.

Jonathan is presently on the Steering Committee of an EU Commission Project involving both the ECBA and the CCBE (Bars of Europe). This is a Cross-Border Legal Assistance Project which is examining the problems associated with the absence of a proper Legal Aid system in Europe, and especially in "cross-border" cases. The Project will also examine the problems Defence Practitioners are having getting access to information, Disclosure of Prosecution material, gaining the correct Documents for use in Practice in Europe, and in networking with each other. The Final Report will be available in early 2010.


  • Criminal Bar Association


Jonathan is a Member of the Criminal Law Committee of the Conseil des Barreaux Europeens (Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe), and a Visiting Lecturer in European Law and British Constitutional Law at the University of Luxembourg.

International Criminal Bar

Jonathan Mitchell helped to set up the ICB which represents parties before the International Criminal Court. Jonathan took part in the Working Group Discussions at the Conferences in Paris in 2001 and 2002, and in The Hague and Berlin in 2003.

Fair Trials International

Jonathan is a Member of the FTI Legal Experts Advisory Panel.


  • Jonathan is presently the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Dulwich and West Norwood (currently held by Tessa Jowell-Labour).
  • In 2005 when Jonathan contested this seat he came second with a swing of 9.2% to the Liberal Democrats.
  • Jonathan is also a Southwark Councillor for East Dulwich, he is a Committee Member of the Liberal Democrats Lawyers Association, a Member of the Liberal Democrats Human Rights Group, and a Member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Democracy in Burma.

Work before Practice at the Bar

  • Courtaulds Textiles: Marketing Executive with responsibility for Sales, and especially Advertising, in-Store, Catalogues, Magazine and other publications, TV and Radio promotions;
  • John Laing: Public Relations in connection with the Company’s Construction of Oil Rig Platforms for the North Sea, Shopping Centres, Housing Estates, Hospitals and Industrial Complexes.