Peter Doyle QC secures not guilty verdict in murder case

After a four week trial, Peter Doyle QC, leading Guy Bowden and instructed by Tina Wagon at Wheldon Law, secures Not Guilty murder and manslaughter verdicts for B, a woman alleged to have facilitated a meeting between her two male co-accused drug dealers (convicted of murder and manslaughter respectively) and the victim, a drug user, who had robbed them of drugs earlier that day.
The victim was stabbed through the heart. The prosecution alleged that B knew the victim and was recruited by the dealers to drive them with weapons to his address.  She was alleged to have lured him out of his flat to a confrontation with her armed co-defendants during which he met his death.
The Defence required a careful analysis of telephone schedules over a 48 hour period to rebut the prosecution’s alleged adverse inferences as well as a hostile cross-examination of the principal defendant in support of B’s defence that he had duped and manipulated her into acting as she did but that she lacked any intention to cause any harm to the victim, let alone that he be attacked with murderous intent.
No evidence called on behalf of B who had given contradictory accounts in interview under caution in circumstances where the jury was invited in closing submissions to infer that she was vulnerable and in interview had sought to distance herself from her co-defendants to avoid a wrongful allegation that she was “in it together” with them in the fatal attack.


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