Paul Keleher QC secures acquittal on attempted murder

Defendant Leroy Peart was accused of attempted murder and dangerous driving after a high-speed car chase of another vehicle led to one of its occupants being caught and stabbed 13 times.  The defendant admitted he had been the driver but denied participation in the stabbing.  He gave evidence but refused to name the perpetrators.  He claimed that he had been threatened and attacked for being a ‘grass’.  Under cross-examination he admitted that his driving had been ‘dangerous’.  He was acquitted of attempted murder and the alternative of wounding with intent and the jury failed to agree on the charge of dangerous driving.  After legal submissions to the effect that he could not be convicted of the lesser alternative of careless driving unless he had actually been acquitted of the dangerous driving the prosecution agreed to offer no evidence and he left court with no convictions.



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