Legal 500 2023 Rankings: Crime, International Crime & Extradition

The Legal 500 2023 recognises 25 Bedford Row as specialists in the fields of Crime, International Crime and Extradition.

'25 Bedford Row remains a pre-eminent criminal defence set, representing clients in high-profile cases involving allegations of murder, manslaughter, drug conspiracies and sexual offences.'

'25 Bedford Row has a strong track record in handling international criminal law cases.'

A powerhouse set which is a pillar of criminal chambers in London.’

‘Outstanding – the best criminal defence chambers in the UK.’

Leading Silks who are ranked in Tier 1

George Carter-Stephenson KC: ‘His work ethic is unrivalled and he achieves success in cases which might at first appear hopeless. He has a friendly manner and always places himself on a level with the lay client never appearing haughty or remote.'

Jeremy Dein KC‘Jeremy is a tremendously skilled and experienced silk who is very well-respected by judges and opponents alike.’

Paul Mendelle KC: ‘Paul is an incredibly impressive trial advocate who commands the court room with effortless grace and style.’

Courtenay Griffiths KC: ‘Courtenay provides tenacious, fearless and forceful advocacy.’

Other Leading Silks

Diana Ellis KC: ‘Diana is a fabulous barrister. She is incredibly hardworking and pays attention to every detail. Her meticulous preparation means that every point is made to the advantage of the lay client.’

Paul Hynes KC‘Paul is clever, witty and a class act.'

Paul Keleher KC: 'Paul presents complicated cases in an accessible way. He is very good with clients and he is a powerful advocate with juries.'

Simon Pentol KC‘Simon inspires immense confidence, a masterful advocate with a proven track record. One of the most charismatic members of the Bar.’

John Cooper KC: ‘John brings very incisive advocacy and negotiation skills.’

Peter Doyle KC‘Peter is a hugely-experienced, skilled and patient barrister with an engaging and persuasive manner.’

Tyrone Smith KC: 'He combines an approachable attitude with serious intellect and advocacy.'

Jo Sidhu KC: 'Jo is right up there with the very best silks. A real bare-knuckle fighter when he needs to be and a real soothing presence in court when that is what the case needs.’

Melanie Simpson KC‘Melanie is a first-class advocate. Strong on the law. Unflappable. Excellent cross examiner of professional witnesses. A go-to silk.’

Rudi Fortson KC‘Rudi is a walking legal text book, but wears his learning lightly. He is a tireless advocate for his clients.’

2022 Silks

Laurie-Anne Power KC 

Leading Juniors who are ranked in Tier 1

Aisling Byrnes: ‘She is quite simply one of the best at the Bar. She is meticulous in her preparation, she has a wealth of experience and gives considered, practical and robust advice.’

Michael Neofytou‘Michael is a confident and powerful advocate, with a keen eye for detail.'

Arlette Piercy: 'Arlette is tenacious in court and unafraid to take a point in defence of her client.'

Other Leading Juniors

Emma Akuwudike: 'Emma is a formidable advocate and a favourite with juries.'

Carolina Guiloff'A tenacious barrister who will fight for her clients tooth and nail.'

Ben Smitten'Ben is meticulous in preparation. He is across the detail of the entire case from an early stage. Further he has a very good manner with clients and an ability to make them feel at ease.'

David Wood: 'David is a strong and robust advocate. His intelligence shines through in every case.'

Lisa Wilson: ‘Lisa is a consummate professional and a fearsome courtroom advocate.'

Sebastian Gardiner: ‘Sebastian is an outstanding advocate. He has great attention to detail, has the ability to foresee where problems might arise, is extremely thorough and robust where appropriate. His preparation is second-to-none.’

Alex Jamieson: ‘Alex has a razor-sharp academic mind which he uses to apply nuanced arguments to every case. He is approachable and practical and immediately puts clients at ease.’

Sheryl Nwosu

Beth O’Reilly 

Matthew Radstone: 'Matt is very calm and thorough. Clients always appreciate his advice'.

Dominic Thomas: ‘Dominic is an unbelievable advocate.’

Helen Valley‘Helen is very assured, has excellent judgement, her legal arguments are very well-presented.'

Osman Osman'Osman is a thorough barrister, he is able to advise on all stages of proceedings.'

Rebecca Randall'Rebecca is a very well-prepared, tenacious advocate. A meticulous cross-examiner and very jury-friendly.'

Monica Stevenson: 'Hard-working, tactically-astute, good judgement, jury-friendly, a skilful cross-examiner particularly of vulnerable witnesses.’

Warwick Aleeson: 'Warwick is an exceptional barrister with a keen eye for detail.'

Alex Di Francesco‘In court, Alex is fearless, tenacious, forceful and his legal arguments provoke thought. He is always thoroughly-prepared, tactically-astute. A master of his brief.’

Daniel Murray 

Set Testimonials

’25BR are a well-respected set, with strength in depth at all levels.’

’25 Bedford Row is a set that understands the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with those who instruct it. The barristers are strong from top to bottom. It deserves its reputation as one of the very stop sets in criminal law.’


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