Band 1 in Legal 500 2018 for Crime

Successes include 5 new Leading Junior entrants,  “25 Bedford Row is ‘among the best for general crime, with a large pool of good trial advocates’. “The set exclusively defends in criminal cases, including a significant proportion of the most challenging publicly funded work alongside private work for a diverse range of solicitors”.
Silks in  band 1, Courtenay Griffiths Q - ‘He has a track record of murder cases at the Bailey.’ George Carter-Stephenson QC - ‘The guy you want in your corner when you’re in trouble.’ Jeremy Dein QC - ‘A defence silk whose practice includes murder cases.’ Paul Mendelle QC  - ‘A first-class cross-examiner equally able to calm, bludgeon or subtly undermine witnesses as required.’ 
Other leading defence silks positioned in Legal 500; John Cooper QC -  ‘He defends in drug and murder cases.’ Peter Doyle QC -  ‘His excellent and perfectly paced closing speeches underline his experience and ability.’ Paul Keleher QC - ‘His advocacy is understated but effective, and is always on top of the law and unflappable.’ Paul Hynes QC - ‘Almost undeniably the most intelligent member of the Bar.’ Diana Ellis QC -  ‘Meticulous in her preparation, her knowledge of the law and procedure is comprehensive.’ Jo Sidhu QC - ‘He defends in sensitive murder cases.’ Rudi Fortson QC -  ‘A quick thinker and solid strategist with strong convictions.’ Tyrone Smith QC -  An incredibly proactive and talented young silk who takes a thorough approach to his brief.’ Adrian Eissa QC - ‘Very dependable and approachable, he is a knowledgable advocate too.’ Ranked: tier

Our leading juniors have done brilliantly, including  five new entrants.  Aisling Byrnes  and Arlette Piercy have retained their position in Band 1.  Aisling  is noted as ‘One of the best advocates at the Bar: intelligent, tactical, tenacious and realistic” and Arlette  ‘....puts together some of the best closing speeches of anyone at the junior Bar.’  

High rankings and notable quotes also for Ben Smitten ‘Immensely hardworking and excellent with clients, who find him unstuffy and refreshing.’ Carolina Guiloff ‘She will fight for clients as if she is fighting for her own family.’ Emma Akuwudike ‘Tenacious, hardworking and carling about her clients, she is a good lawyer and strong advocate.’ Melanie Simpson ‘Her practice includes gang violence and historic sex cases.’

Ranked as a leader in their field and highly praised, Alex Jamieson  ‘His preparation work is very detailed, and he is very easy to get on with.’ Beth O’Reilly ‘A masterful jury advocate and tactician.’ Dominic Thomas ‘His strength is his strikingly flamboyant forensic skill.’ David Wood ‘A very bright junior with outstanding commitment to his cases.’ Helen Valley  ‘She commands effortless respect from her colleagues, clients and the judiciary.’ , ‘Exceptionally hardworking, committed and experienced, and also a talented advocate.’ Michael Neofytou ‘He is led by leading Silks in murder cases.’ Matthew Radstone ‘A persuasive advocate who can relate to clients from all walks of life without airs and graces.’ Osman Osman ‘A feisty jury advocate with an affable style.’  Rebecca Randall ‘Her legal submissions and closing speeches are cleverly persuasive.’ Sebastian Gardiner ‘His work includes challenging murder cases.’ .


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