Professional Disciplinary

The Regulation of professionals and professional industries has become increasingly complex and wide reaching in recent times.

Regulatory bodies exist to investigate those accused of breaching legislation, and the penalties attached to this kind of offence can cause significant reputational damage and personal stress. At 25 Bedford Row, our industry-leading disciplinary barristers have vast expertise in dealing with disciplinary proceedings in all professions and at all levels. By instructing a member of our specialist set, you will have access to expert legal advice, guidance and representation throughout the investigation.   The volume and scope of regulation is constantly increasing and the nature of these laws grow ever more complex.

Why choose a disciplinary barrister from 25 Bedford Row?

Recognised by the Legal 500 as one of the leading barristers’ chambers in the field of business and regulatory crime, 25 Bedford Row have supported businesses and individuals both in London and throughout the country, through the daunting process of disciplinary proceedings. With a proven track record of defending our clients to success through disciplinary investigations and tribunal hearings, you can trust our specialist professional disciplinary barristers to protect your interests and minimise the impact of a regulatory investigation. With experience of representing medical and other healthcare professionals, police officers, financial advisors, solicitors and sports professionals, our team of specialist regulatory and professional discipline barristers have significant experience in acting for organisations and individuals across a vast range of professions. 

We understand how serious the repercussions of an accusation, investigation or prosecution of this nature can be, so we will always act quickly to minimise the damage done and secure a fair outcome. Where interviews are required by an investigator of a regulatory body, your dedicated specialist barrister will provide the strategic advice and assistance necessary to navigate you through with ease. 

What types of cases do 25 Bedford Row’s professional disciplinary barristers take on?

At 25 Bedford Row, our disciplinary barristers boast technical expertise in professional disciplinary proceedings across a number of industries, such as:

  • Medical regulation and discipline for healthcare professionals
  • Financial regulation, compliance and enforcement
  • Police discipline
  • Sports regulation and discipline
  • Solicitors’ & Bar Standards Board Disciplinary proceedings
  • Veterinary Disciplinary proceedings

Professional Disciplinary FAQ

Why do I need a professional disciplinary barrister?

If you are the subject of regulatory intervention or disciplinary proceedings, seeking legal advice from a specialist regulatory barrister should be your first step. There are various stages to the professional disciplinary process, so understanding your legal position and the options you have is key in protecting your interests. As well as the potential financial consequences you could face for a charge of this nature, regulatory investigations alone can be extremely damaging to your reputation, your brand and your career, so acting quickly is imperative to achieving a fair conclusion with minimal lasting impact. With the legal support of an experienced disciplinary barrister, you can concentrate on your day-to-day operations within your profession or business knowing your case is in the safe hands of a regulatory law specialist.

Can 25 Bedford Row's Barristers represent me at a professional disciplinary hearing?

Our expertise extends beyond the criminal courts to include civil and regulatory proceedings. We often represent police officers, sports officials and players, doctors, dentists, nurses, accountants, solicitors and even other barristers through professional disciplinary hearings, providing strategic advice that is tailored to your unique circumstances. As your trusted barrister, our duty will be to defend your reputation throughout your disciplinary tribunal to ensure the court’s decision accurately reflects your role and intent. We know how damaging a regulatory investigation can be to a business’ or individual’s finances and reputation as well as the serious impact it has on a person’s private life, so we will not hesitate in taking firm legal action where necessary to advance your case.

What is the process of instructing a disciplinary barrister?

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings due to a breach of regulations, you have several options in how you deal with the matter. The first is to instruct a solicitor for advice, who will help you to understand your legal position and prepare your case before instructing a barrister on your behalf. The disciplinary barrister will then use the solicitor’s work to form the basis of your defence, representing you throughout the process.

We accept instructions from solicitors, directly from professional and defence unions and from Regulators themselves alternatively, it may be possible for one of our expert professional discipline barristers to represent you directly through the direct access scheme. To instruct a member of our set, simply get in touch with our experienced clerks room. We will then be able to recommend the best-suited representative for your case, who will then contact you to get started on building your defence.

What is the Direct Access Scheme?

Due to recent changes in legislation, Chambers are delighted to be able to provide representation to the public through the Direct Access Scheme. This scheme exists to allow members of the public to instruct barristers directly, without having to go through the formal process of initially instructing a solicitor.

Is it possible to get Legal Aid for tribunal barristers using the Direct Access Scheme?

Legal Aid is not available for direct access regulatory cases. Some insurance policies or professional memberships include funding for representation in regulatory proceedings. If in doubt, please contact a member of our clerking team.

Click here for further information on the Direct Access scheme.




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