'Umbrella robber' pleads guilty and receives third life sentence

Sebastian Gardiner (instructed by Kirsty Monighan at Edward Fail Bradshaw & Waterson) represented Derek Rossi, who attempted to rob a bookmakers with a shotgun (concealed in an umbrella) before discharging it twice as he made off on a pedal bike. HHJ Peter Clarke QC sentenced him to life imprisonment with a 12 year minimum term (unusually 3/4 of the notional determinate sentence). Rossi had previously served 2 life sentences for 3 attempted murders (two of which were against police officers) and armed robberies. He had been released from his second life sentence (for which he served 13 years despite a minimum term of 6 years 3 months) only 16 months released before committing the present offence.

The Flying Squad described Rossi as one of the most violent offenders that they had ever dealt with.

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