Direct Access

We are delighted that recent changes to our professional rules mean that in certain circumstances you can now directly instruct a barrister at 25 Bedford Row to represent you in criminal proceedings without first instructing a solicitor.

This is called “Direct Access” and it can result in significant  savings to the cost of the preparation of your case and its passage through court, without compromising the standard of service you receive. Our experienced practitioners can undertake all aspects of your case such as taking witness statements, advising you at every stage and, most importantly, representing you at all hearings to trial and appeal if required. It means that our practitioners, who have the required levels of experience and expertise in legal procedure and practice, will look after every aspect of your case from beginning to end.

If you would like to discuss instructing one of our 60 plus barristers directly and to see if the direct access scheme is appropriate for your case, then please contact our clerks’ room who will advise you on all aspects of the scheme and will recommend to you a barrister who best suits the needs of your case.

25 Bedford Row is a set that offers a variety of expertise and are known for their approachability. Have been quick to embrace the concept of direct access representation in criminal work

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