Mainly leading junior practice in very serious crime. Defence specialist. Ranked amongst the leaders in the field of crime by Chambers UK 2012.

In depth experience of crime, including murder, fraud, money laundering, confiscation, armed robbery, sexual abuse particularly historical cases, child abuse, blackmail, drugs and human rights. Often instructed in cases where the defendant has psychiatric problems or learning difficulties.

Ronald Jaffa is associated with the following areas of expertise:

Fraud & Financial Litigation


Recommended as a leading junior in crime in Chambers and Partners UK 2014 and The Legal 500 2014.

"A fantastic lawyer"
"a very experienced and able counsel"
"very high acquittal rate in serious sex cases speaks for itself"

"commands respect when he appears in court"
“Specialist defence appellate practice”
"Extensive experience in advising on appeal"


Fraud and Financial Regulation

  • R v Ahmed Omar - Conspiracy to commit fraud to obtain very substantial loans, of about £2 million, secured against properties, which the defendants did not own or have any interest in.
  • R v Daniel Marks - Large scale internet advanced fee fraud and money laundering.
  • R v Haque - Large scale fraud by senior accountant at Office of Fair Trading. Extensive defence paperwork and accounts.
  • R v  McCulloch -Fraud by abuse of position. Defendant employed as Projects Operations Manager at King's College, London.
  • R v Varsani – Evasion of duty in relation to 11 million counterfeit cigarettes.
  • R v Torto - Leading junior. Conspiracy to defraud & assist hundreds of illegal foreign workers to enter and work in UK.
  • R v Barry – Fraud by local authority employee - setting up false schools on databases and stealing the whole allocated budget.
  • R v Malu – Conspiracy to defraud foreign companies.

Proceeds of Crime Act

  • R v Pandya – International money laundering of multi £m proceeds.
  • R v Chaudhary – International money laundering of multi £m of drugs proceeds.
  • R v Varsani (Valji Lalji) - method of calculating duty of counterfeit goods.


  • R v Jack Tweed- Jade Goody’s widower, charged with rape, teenage victim alleged to have been raped by Tweed and a friend after a night at a London nightclub.
  • R v Harley Green- Stranger rape on beach in Worthing. Defendant was of good character about to attend university. Lot of press interest because of the unusual facts of the case and background of the defendant.
  • R v Andrew Rock -Attempted murder by shooting victim in head. Evidence complex phone and cell site evidence.
  • R v Shaun Taylor & 4 Others - Serious unlawful violence outside Waterloo Station which continued into the tunnels leading to the tube. The defendant was 17 years old.
  • R v Anthony Burns-Historical incest and rape of step sister. Substantial and detailed defence evidence acquired by using specialist enquiry agents.
  • R v Mohammed Alam -Group racial attack causing extremely serious head injuries.
  • R v Harris – Leading junior. Multi handed importation and distribution of drugs.
  • R v Ahmed – Leading junior. Gang accused of 76 robberies.
  • R v Carvey – Leading junior. Gang accused of 17 armed robberies.
  • R v Oakford & Others – Leading Junior. ‘Love of Money’ gang trial – a retribution attempted murder with firearms.
  • R v Rohman & Others – Leading junior. ‘Happy slapping’ murder.
  • R v Ali – Leading junior. ‘Christmas Day’ attempted murder where victim left paraplegic & tube fed.
  • R v Dhanoa – Leading junior. Representing the main Defendant who was organiser of gang that kidnapped 11 year old boy from Southall.
  • R v Jeffrey-Payne – Main Defendant in gang attack where victim stabbed.
  • R v Morais – Gangland robbery and shooting.
  • R v O’Reilly – Murder.
  • R v Angus – The ‘Abridge Caravan Park’ murder.
  • R v Osman - Attempted gang land shooting investigated by Specialist Crime Department, New Scotland Yard.
  • R v Robinson – Fathers for Justice trials – Arterial roads into London were brought to a halt. Used as test case for future prosecutions – all Defendants acquitted.
  • R v Tantony – Rape and GBH with intent - extreme violence with masochistic motive.
  • R v Cowley – Multiple historical rapes.
  • R v B – Abuse of process - Defendant 79 with physical and mental problems charged with multiple historical rapes.
  • R v Taylor – Multiple historical rapes by social worker in children’s home.
  • R v Bull – Internet grooming resulting in serious sexual assaults. A highly sensitive and complex case further complicated by a defendant who had mental health problems.

Reported Cases

  • R v Russell and Russell (1987) 85 Cr.App.R. 388, CA – Leading authority on joint enterprise in manslaughter by parents.
  • Sinclair -v- D.P.P 93 Cr.App.R. 329, House of Lords – Leading authority on abuse of process in extradition and abuse of process by Secretary of State.
  • R v Norwich Crown Court ex p. Stiller, Buffry and Smith [1992] Crim.L.R. 501, Divisional Court – Leading authority on custody time limits.
  • R v Ryall (1995) 16 Cr. App. R.(S) 425, CA – large VAT fraud.
  • R v Downer (Keith Alan) 2000 WL 1720237, CA – Appeal against sentence – subject of ‘The Real Cracker’ TV programme.
  • R v Osman [2004] EWCA Crim 2810, CA - Appeal against sentence – gangland firearms case.
  • R v Nelson [2004] EWCA Crim 447, CA - Appeal against conviction - murder and firearms.
  • R v Goss (2005) Crim LR 61, CA - Appeal against conviction – appropriate directions on character.
  • R v C [2006] EWCA Crim 3360, CA - Appeal against conviction – serious sexual offences and false imprisonment.
  • R v Edward [2007] EWCA Crim, CA - Appeal against conviction – rape.
  • R v Oakford (Ross) [2008] EWCA Crim 479, CA – Appeal against conviction – attempted murder.
  • R v B [2008] EWCA Crim 1851, CA - Appeal against conviction – rape.
  • R v Javaid (Sikender Ali) [2008] EWCA Crim 2504, CA - Appeal against sentence – robbery.
  • R v Ramachandran [2009] EWCA Crim 509 – Appeal against sentence – death by dangerous driving.
  • R v Smith (James) [2009] EWCA Crim 1890 - Appeal against conviction - serious violence
  • R v Madden-Devaney (Cameron) [2010] EWCA Crim 182 - Appeal against sentence - serious violence.
  • R v Varsani (Valji Lalji) [2010] EWCA Crim 1938 - Appeal against confiscation order - court held that it was irrelevant for the purposes of calculating duty, under the Tobacco Products Duty Act 1979 s.5(1)(b), that the smuggled tobacco was counterfeit.

Articles & Publications

  • Author of practical research papers on crime published by Sweet & Maxwell.
  • Co-author of two reports for Criminal Bar Association; “Standards at the Bar” and “Prison Remand Population”.

Associated Work

Director of the Bar Pro Bono Unit which provides free legal advice and representation by barristers for deserving cases. He was a founder member involved in the conception, aims, procedures and development. For the past ten years his work has included overall responsibility for criminal applications to the Unit and he is the lead criminal reviewer.

Director of INDICT which investigates war crimes. Works with law enforcement authorities in several countries. Advises on evidence and all aspects of admissibility.

Human Rights Projects in liaison with House of Commons, Human Rights Group - Has acted as a observer of trials in foreign jurisdictions, such as, trial of Adnan Oktar and 35 others in the State Security Court, Istanbul, Turkey.

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit


  • 1990 - 2003: Council of Legal Education - Professional Conduct.
  • The College of Law - Criminal Practice and Advocacy techniques.


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