Leading in serious crime including murder, serious violence, drug trafficking, terrorism, fraud, human rights and media. Regulatory work including fraud and sports regulation. Inquest work including Judicial Review.

He has a significant International practice representing clients all over the world. Most recently, he has been instructed in the well known case of Marrache a long running fraud trial in Gibraltar.

John Cooper QC, was Chair of the International Steering Committee and Prosecutor at the Iran Tribunal in The Hague.Two years since it was first initiated, the Tribunal has now delivered its Judgment.  The full Judgment can be downloaded here.

John Cooper QC has been named by The Times as one of the Top 100 Influential Lawyers of 2012 in the UK. He is also visiting Professor of Law at Cardiff University and a Master of the Bench at Middle Temple.

John Cooper QC may now accept work directly from the public. He is also available to provide expert evidence in cases in which he is not instructed. For further details contact his clerks.

- has considerable expertise in private prosecutions being credited as a Grade 4 (most serious cases) Prosecutor.

- has also been assessed as an A list (most serious) Attorney General Prosecutor.

- also has his own website at and can be followed on twitter @John_Cooper_QC

John Cooper QC is recommended as a leading silk in crime in Chambers and Partners UK 2014

Recommended as a leading silk in crime, civil liberties and human rights in The Legal 500 2014.

‘Particularly strong on the strategic issues which difficult cases present.’ Legal 500
"utterly fearless in his representation of clients" Legal 500
"‘forensic skills that are of the highest possible order" Legal 500
"has fast developed a reputation as being head and shoulders above the majority of other QCs" Legal 500
"Always committed to his cases" Chambers & Partners
"Gifted and utterly reliable" Chambers & Partners
"A star at the Criminal Bar" The Times

"Quite simply one of the most outstanding advocates working in criminal law at the present"
"In recent years he has done more than any other barrister to bring legal issues into the public domain and engage the general public in thought and debate about them"
Jeremy Horder Edmund-Davies, Professor of Criminal Law and former Law Commissioner.

Member of the Australian Bar. Call 1989

John Cooper QC is associated with the following areas of expertise:

Fraud & Financial Litigation
Human Rights Law
Inquest and Public Inquiries
International Criminal Law
Regulatory and Disciplinary
Restraint, Confiscation & Asset Recovery


Recommended as a leader in crime in Chambers and Partners 2013

"has a wide-ranging human rights practice"

Recommended as a leading silk in civil liberties in Chambers UK 2013 and The Legal 500

Listed in Debrett's 'People of Today' as one of the most influential people in Britain.

Listed in Who's Who.


Fraud and Financial Regulation

  • BCCI world wide fraud allegations involving the failed bank.
  • R v Paul Page four month conspiracy and witness intimidation trial which has received National prominence as a result of the defendant being a former Royal Protection Officer. A case requiring extremely sensitive handling as the defence involved suggestions of impropriety by Royal Protection Squad Officers and the Royal Family. During the course of the trial the prosecution witnesses accepted gross breaches of protocol at Buckingham Palace.
  • R –v- Pomroy & Others - largest ever multi-handed copyright fraud. 46 million documents contained on disk and encompassed investigations on an international perspective. The law was complex and novel, including issues relating to internet evidence. Prosecuted by the Federation against Copyright Theft.
  • R –v- Edwards & Others - large scale VAT carousel fraud, the first paperless trial, involving computerised evidence.
  • R –v- Carl Page - large scale post office fraud involving breach of trust by sub post master over a significant period of time.
  • R –v- Head & Others - principal defendant on fraud on American Express, obtained monies were said to have been used to fund terrorist organisations.
  • R –v- Bhatt - accounting fraud. The internet was used to demonstrate to the Jury how the fraud was perpetrated.  This method of presentation was the first of its kind.
  • R – v - Smith & Others – large scale home workers fraud.
  • R –v- Paul Page – betting syndicate fraud allegations.
  • R –v- Khan - large and complex post office fraud.
  • R –v- Holman - multi handed building society fraud, alleged to have been carried out by employees.  Prosecuted by the SFO.

John Cooper is preferred counsel of the Serious Fraud Office in relation to seizure, recovery and confiscation.


  • R –v- Poulten – conspiracy to blackmail and violence in relation to terrorist organisations. Case involved intricate surveillance evidence and techniques.
  • R –v- Bougarba – arrested in the same house as the Manchester Ricin plotters, originally suspected as being involved but eventually charged with fraud matters with allegations of funding terrorist operations.
  • R –v- Minchev – largest counterfeit passport conspiracy with terrorist objectives that has been prosecuted to date.
  • R –v- Hamza – representing the son of Abu Hamza in a highly sensitive case relating to the activities at Finsbury Park Mosque.


  • R v Nicola Edgington - allegation of murder and attempted murder in the Old Bailey arising out of a woman stabbing two strangers in the street having obtained knives in nearby shops. For futher information & news coverage - click here
  • R v Kervine Karvala – leading for the first and principal defendant in a multi handed murder trial at the Central Criminal Court.  This was a gang land killing which required detailed cross examination not only of venerable members of the community who gave there evidence with assistance of a number of victim protection measures but also analysis of extensive surveillance and cell site material.
  • R v Koubari - Obtained acquittal in the largest drug conspiracy ever prosecuted, involving £1bn of Class A drugs.
  • R v Mohammed Riaz - "hand from the sky" case. First on the indictment in murder, kidnap & mutilation trial.
  • R v Lui Borges- This was one of the last cases to run the complex defence to murder of provocation. John Cooper QC, was a member of the Law Commission's Working Party on the drafting of the new law, now enacted and is recognised as a leading authority as a result of that.
  • R v Dickens & Others - at Stafford Crown Court defending in a multi-handed murder.
  • R -v- Houston - murder/manslaughter. Defendant was a prominent boxing promoter.
  • R v Saghir Afzal - high value £34m confiscation proceedings.
  • R v Samuel Johnson - The case involved the kidnap, torture and multiple stabbing of a stranger in his own home, with the fatal injuries being caused in the deceased's garden as he attempted to crawl away.
  • R v M - This high profile case related to the kidnap, torture, murdering and mutilation of a man in a dispute within the Muslim community over a bride.
  • R v Emigen Shega - This was the largest case of its type to come before the court, involving £40 million of Class A drugs. The case revolves round an Albanian Mafia type gang, and the complex business activities which revealed Shega as a central player.
  • R –v- Gulnawaz Khan – extensive election fraud in Slough local elections.
  • R –v- Tame & Others – multi handed conspiracy to steal computer chips. A sophisticated operation with international links.
  • R –v- Jaramilo – Columbian contract killing case.  An unusual and emotive trial involving the murder of a fifteen year old boy by a Columbian drug gang. One of the first cases to use cell site analysis.
  • R –v- Brady - principal defendant in massive paedophile ring, involving the parents of the children and the commentary and sale of the acts over the internet.
  • R –v- Buchanan & Others –multi handed murder.
  • R –v- D & Another – conspiracy to supply class A drugs to the street value of £9 million
  • R –v- Packman – the Leah Betts case.  Conspiracy to supply ecstasy.
  • R –v- Murray – high profile case of a well known film actor for grievous bodily harm on drug dealers.
  • R –v- Brown – downloading child pornography in an internet cafe.
  • R –v Judge & Others – multi handed kidnap and torture of daughter in law in an arranged Asian marriage.
  • R –v- Chapman & Ors – novel and serious drug prosecution involving the importation of class a drugs from Columbia in the bodies of live animals. A unique case involving sensitive police techniques requiring discreet and responsible conduct.
  • R –v- G Tilling – defendant charged with murder and manslaughter after infliction of a serious head injury.
  • R –V- Paul Page – Royal protection squad police officer in kidnap violence allegations against Sun journalist.
  • R –v- Stationis – ‘boilerhouse’ stranger serial rapist case.
  • R –v- Ricky Blackman & Others - Professional criminal organised rival gang fight leaving many with near fatal injuries.
  • R –v- Davies – duress allegation involving graphic torture which was filmed and distributed.
  • R –v- G – defendant unfit to plead in case alleging murder (decapitation) of his mother.
  • R –v- S Brade – high profile attempted murder involving the fatal stabbing in the neck of a man sitting in a cinema in Soho watching a film.  The attack was completely random the victim and the defendant having no association at all. Complex mental health elements.
  • R-v- Whitewind – prosecution of mother who murders her 12 week old son. Conviction leading to referral to Court of Appeal by attorney General following criticisms of the Expert Roy Meadows.
  • R v Crippen advising the family of the notorious murderer Dr Crippen (executed in 1911) upon appeal to achieve a posthumous pardon.
  • R v T aylor, 'the baby sitter murder'– Leading Counsel representing a defendant charged with Murder, causing or allowing the death of a child and neglect.  The facts revolve around a toddler receiving 60 separate injuries over a prolonged period resulting ultimately in his death.
  • R v Steele Multi handed kidnapping conspiracy revolving around gangland revenge punishment.

Human Rights Law and Inquest and Public Enquiries

  • Occupy London - Leading Counsel representing St Paul's occupiers both in the High Court and Master of the Rolls Court.
  • The Deepcut Inquest - Representing two of the families in the high profile and legally significant inquests into Soldiers Deaths at the Deepcut Barracks.  These hearings considered the impact of Article 2 of ECHR in detail.
  • Re: Gray & Others (Judicial Review) - Cases analysing the right to fair hearings for families who have been bereaved of soldiers on duty.
  • Re: Gordon Gentle – Inquest into Iraqi soldier death.
  • The Hercules Inquest – representing four families of soldiers who died in the Hercules air crash bought down by enemy action.  Highly political issues involving lack of protection to airman.
  • Re: Biddiss (Judicial Review) – case considering legality of forced early retirement of members of the armed forces.
  • Nimrod Case – representing bereaved families in Article 2 action against the government.
  • Re: Janet Alder – high profile action against CPS and Police Complaints Authority for race discrimination.
  • Re: Courtland Smith – action against the Police revolving around the shooting of James Ashby.
  • Re: Northern Rock – representing small shareholders in Article 1 Protocol 1 Judicial Review against Government.
  • Jason Brady v Home Office – leading litigation against Government under Article 3 ECHR.
  • Rats -v- Hetherington Appeal against the sentencing of a disabled prisoner. This has become an authority upon the procedure which Judges should follow before they commit severely disabled defendants to prison. The case involved an application of Article 3 of the ECHR. The importance of this case is further compounded by the intense media interest in issues relating to incarceration. In subsequently representing the defendant in an action against the prison service as a result of how they treated him, the client received significant damages.
  • Puma Inquest - inquiry into the death of two SAS members in the theatre of war.

Media Law:

  • Represented Paul Maley - News International chauffeur linked to the Leveson Inquiry.
  • Representing Lord Ahmed in his Privacy action against the Government.
  • Representing acclaimed film Producer, Alexander Salkind in his libel action relating to his film, 'Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.'  [Directed by John Glen.]
  • Ponting v News Group Newspapers; MGN Ltd; Express Newspapers;  Defamation, copyright and privacy action in Russian spy case.
  • Majestic Films Ltd v Highlight Communication; Defamation action for film producer.
  • Advised heir to Tetra Pak fortune, Hans Kristian Rausing, in relation to his potential defamation action against the Evening Standard.
  • Legal Advisor on Defamation for various BBC Films, including, Shadow of the Noose; A Sense of Guilt; Parnell; Newsnight; Panorama; Dispatches.
  • Former Advisor to Sunday Times (solicitor, Sean McTiernan) on libel matters.
  • Advising various National and local politicians on libel and issues relating to Election Campaigns.
  • Advising Police Forces. Including the Metropolitan Police on Data Protection, CCTV and Privacy.
  • Advising forensic internet company, DataSec on Data Protection issues.


  • Representing the victims in The Hague in relation to Iranian torture (Iran Tribunal) 2012
  • Advised Government of Slovakia on Criminal Justice, Human Rights policy.    (Jaroslav Volf )  1998
  • Advisor to Cambodian Government on War Crimes Trials.  (Cambodian Embassy) 2000. Advised, Om Yentieng, Advisor to the Cambodian Prime Minister and President of the Cambodian Human Rights Committee, Phenom Penh.
  • Drafted advice re Bill of Rights in Nepal (Statute Law Revision Committee) 2002.
  • Represented Spanish Defendant in Madrid on Money Laundering Allegations.  R v Perez. (instructed by Fernandez De La Riva, Madrid.)  2005-2006.

Judicial Review

  • Paul Chambers v DPP a ground breaking hearing before the Lord Chief Justice on a case stated application relating to the so called Twitter joke trial. Mr Chambers was prosecuted under the little used communications act provisions, for making an alleged menacing communication on the social network.  The case included precedent making decisions on menacing and is the leading case in the field of social media.  This was one of the most high profile cases of 2012.
  • Re Dr David Kelly - judicial review proceedings on behalf of a group of doctors seeking to re-open the inquest into the death of the government weapons inspector.
  • Re Crippen - to overturn the conviction of Hawley Harvey Crippen following the discovery of new DNA evidence.
  • Re Danny Burns ex parte Woolwich Crown Court. Law Society Gazette. January 10th 2010 at page 15, on Wednesbury unreasonable bail refusals.
  • Re Exeter Crown Court, two hearings on Section 101 of the Magistrates Courts Act 1980, reverse persuasive burdens of proof for exceptions to summary offences.
  • Re Northern Rock, hearing concerning the valuation of Shares pursuant to Article 1 Protocol 1, right to property, on behalf of the Shareholders Action Group.
  • Re Biddiss, a hearing which determined the legality of MOD redundancy procedures in relation to members of the Armed Forces.
  • Re Geoff Gray, a hearing into the Deepcut deaths.
  • Re Michael Steele (Rettenden, Essex Boys Murder) on JR against Criminal Cases Review Commission.
  • See also, John Cooper's publication for Sweet and Maxwell, 'Judicial Review from the Magistrates Court', published in 1999.

Disciplinary Tribunals

Mr Cooper has appeared extensively in Disciplinary Tribunals. He presently represents a number of senior Premiership referees and handles a wide range of issues relating to their work.

His previous disciplinary work has also focused upon representing medical practitioners at GMC hearings as well as members of the Police Force in their Tribunal cases. Presently he is representing James Patrick a Police Officer in a high profile disciplinary Whistle Blower case.

John Cooper has also represented a number of Professional Footballers and Sports persons before disciplinary Tribunals and advised upon pre-tribunal strategy. A recent example of his work in this area can be seen in his representation of the UK Para-Olympic volleyball coach in a forth coming hearing.

Regulatory Work

Health and Safety

  • Appointed to the Attorney General's A- List, to Prosecute in the most serious Health and Safety and Environmental Regulatory cases, which include;
  • HSE v Sealine International Limited.
  • HSE v Hoggnheim Ltd
  • HSE v Coventry Steel Limited
  • All case involving work place fatalities.
  • Leading work involving complex Friskies Schedules and interpretation of Friskies Pet Care case and R v Howe.
  • Cooper's work includes both Prosecution and Defence and he has presented seminars to the HSE on jury presentation of complex regulatory cases.

Sports Law

  • Advising John Bestebroer, British Para-Olympic volleyball coach in his action against Volleyball England.
  • Recently advised Barnet FC in their multi million £ dispute with the local council involved with the purchase of a site (Copthall) by Saracens Rugby Club.
  • Advised John Terry, the ex England captain in relation to the racially aggravated public order allegations.
  • Advised Andy Gray & Richard Keys in relation to their contractual association with Sky.
  • Representing Greek Sprinter, Katerina Thanou, in her case against the International Olympic Committee. [instructed by Dr Greg Ioannidis.]
  • John Cooper QC has presented Papers and Seminars on this developing area of law, most recently at the 4th Annual Sports Law Conference in London.
  • He has been instructed in a diverse range of casework, from the Kennel Club to individual sports people on disciplinary matters.

John Cooper QC also has a series of cases awaiting hearing in Switzerland on behalf of a range of international athletes.

Political & Electoral Law

John Cooper has represented a number of people and organisations both in the Electoral court and other tribunals in relation to electoral and political matters. Cases include:

The Slough election (see above) and represented Lord Ahmed in his privacy action against the Government (see above).

John was a parliamentary candidate for the Labour party in 1987 (North West Surrey) and in 1992 in Amber Valley where he achieved one of the highest swings in that general election. Between 1990 and 1994 he was a Borough Councillor for Watford.

Environmental Regulations.

Appointed to the Attorney General's A-List to prosecute in the most serious cases involving Environmental Regulation. He has also represented numerous Local Authorities, including Kensington and Chelsea in Regulatory matters. Perhaps his most notable case was Re Poulton, in which a woman who contaminated large areas of public land with bread for pigeons, was prosecuted under the Environmental Legislation.


  • John Cooper QC has advised the Showman's Guild of Great Britain, on Fairground regulation, in particular, as a result of a fatality on a fairground ride.

Private Prosecutions

  • Credited as a Grade 4 Prosecutor (most serious offences). Prosecutions include, most recently International Fund for Animal Welfare - V - Clarissa Dickson-Wright.
  • As an Attorney General "A" list prosecutor (most serious cases), he has prosecuted a range of cases resulting in fatalities in the work place, as well as serious breaches of environmental regulations.

Direct Access

Includes international contractual advice most recently in relation to Australian law, as well as domestic written advice and conferences.

John Cooper QC also uniquely utilises in-depth knowledge of the media, press and broadcast to advise clients upon reputation and crisis management, as well as neutralising in advance any legal action and adverse publicity.

John Cooper QC was Vice Chairman of the Bar Council Public Affairs Committee for a number of years and writes regularly for a number of newspapers including The Times, Observer and the Daily Telegraph.

Recently advised MP opposition spokesperson on criminal charges against them and was able to achieve, without going to court, the dropping of the case.

Advised and assisted person arrested for child sex offences, including liaising with Police to demonstrate wrong identification resulting in the case being dropped before charge.

Reported Cases (include)

  • R -v- Wrench (Indictment) 1996 1 Cr App R 340
  • R -v- Whitewind (Murder) [2005] EWCA Crim 1092, 2 Cr App R 31-
  • R -v- Baker & Ward (Duress) (1999) 2 Cr App R 335 CA
  • Arthur -v- Anker (Leading authority on wheel clamping) [1996] 3 AER 783
  • R –v- Hussain Bahador (Sex cases) [2005] EWCA Crim 396
  • A [2005] UKHL 71. Cooper's book on Torture cited by Lord Hope.
  • R -v- Dean La Haye [2006] 1 Cr App R 11; [2006] Crim L R 241; [2005] EWCA Crim 2847; The Times, October 25th 2005 (Alternative verdicts).
  • R -v- Barry George - [2002] EWCA Crim 1923; [2003] Crim L R 282. (Asked to advise prior to hearing).
  • R -v- Gardner [2004] EWCA Crim 1639; 68 JCL 372 CA. (Expert evidence, facial mapping. Represented Appellant at first instance and drafted grounds).
  • R -v- Gary Abnett [2006] All E R (D) 244; Archbold New August 2006. (Expert evidence, facial mapping, represented Crown).
  • R -v- Paul Alfred Little [2008] EWCA Crim 235. Hearsay under Section 116(2) (d) Criminal Justice Act 2003.
  • R –v- Hetherington [2009] EWCA Crim 1186. Article 3 appeal for severely disabled prisoners.
  • Allen v Avon Rubber Co Ltd [1985] TLR. (Factories Act 1961 ; Health and Safety).
  • R v Central Criminal Court Ex Parte, S [1998] FLR (Witness Anonymity).
  • Re Danny Burns ex parte Woolwich Crown Court. Law Society Gazette. January 10th 2010 page 15.

Articles & Publications (include)


  • Cruelty – An Analysis of Article 3 (Sweet & Maxwell) with a foreword by Lord Hope
  • Judicial Review (Sweet & Maxwell)
  • Police Interviews (Sweet & Maxwell)
  • Encyclopaedia of Data Protection and Privacy (contributor; Sweet and Maxwell)
  • The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence (Sussex Academic Press 2009)
  • Inquests (Hart Publishing, 2011) with a foreword from the Lord Chief Justice
  • Cases that Changed our Lives (Butterworths) 2011

Papers and Articles

Over 500 papers and articles appearing in most legal publications, including;

  • Criminal Law & Justice Weekly - 4 June 2011 - Consent and How to Prove?
  • Article 3 – The Road to Ultra Violence (University College London Jurisprudence Review)
  • The Links between Animal and Human Cruelty and its relevance to Criminal Law (Keble College Oxford).
  • Liability by Satellite; The Legal Minefield for Mobile Services.'
  • Satellite Communications Conference, London, 1988
  • 'Genocide'.  The International Law Conference, Law Society, 2002. Chaired by Mr Justice Fulford.
  • 'The Human Rights Act- An International Perspective'. Human Rights and the Rule of Law Conference, Nepal, 2002
  • 'Private Grief: Privacy, Breach of Confidence and Interception of Communications'  Law Society Lectures, 2002.
  • 'Broadcasting The Courtroom'.  Royal Society Lecture, 2005.
  • 'The Evidential Value of Email'.  London, 2005
  • 'The Rule of Law; Where now?'  London Law Review Conference, Royal Courts of Justice, 2006.
  • 'Interception of Communication'.  5th Annual Covert Policing Conference, London, 2006
  • 'Due Process versus Administrative Action; The Future of Disciplinary Proceedings'.  Getting Perspective on the Disciplinary Process- Annual Sports Law Conference, London, 2007.
  • 'Offending Patterns and Criminal Profiling of Individuals who Hunt with Dogs'.  Relationship Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence International Conference, Keble College, Oxford University, 2007
  • 'Street Surveillance; The Law, Issues and Future'.  6th Annual Covert Policing Conference, Stormont, Belfast, 2007.
  • 'Human Rights and Military Justice'. Human Rights Law Conference (JUSTICE), London, 2007.
  • 'Monitoring the Public; The Law, the Issues and Practicalities'.  Local Authorities Annual Conference, London, 2007.
  • 'The Art of Cross examination'  American Bar Association Conference, London, October, 2007
  • 'Whistleblowers; Evidential Value and Use'. British Medical Journal Vol 305 p1343 and Solicitors Journal Vol 136 p 1166.
  • Fair Trials; An Analysis of the Louise Woodward Hearing. Amicus Curiae, March 1998 p18.
  • 'Article 3 and the Road to Ultra Violence'. University College, London, Jurisprudence Review, 2007.
  • 'Tolerating Torture- A Critique of the Court's Interpretation of Article 3 of the ECHR'. Kurdish Human Rights Project Legal Review (2007) 11 KHRP.
  • 'The Sentencing Guidelines Council- A Practical Perspective'.  [2008] Criminal Law Review 277.

For Archbold News.

  • 'Disclosure and Abuse of Process ' June 2008.
  • Taking Instructions and withdrawal from the case. July 2008.
  • Corroboration of sexual offences and abuse of process. July 2003 page 4.

For New Law Journal.

  • From the Taylor Twins to Leah Betts. Vol 147 p 963.
  • The role of evil in the criminal justice system.  6th June 2008. 800.
  • 'A Step Too Far- Solicitors Duties in Police Interview'.  (1999) 868
  • 'Should the Judiciary be influenced by the social climate of the day when they make their decisions?'  (2006) 1896
  • 'Who should decide the parameters of justice?'   (2007) 1168.
  • 'The legal profession has a duty to stand up to executive intimidation'.  (2007) 1628
  • 'Cruelty to animals indicates a telling propensity for violent behaviour'. (2007)  828.
  • 'The jurisprudential gold standard of torture needs to be revisited'.  (2007)  496.
  • 'Is the balance of justice shifting too far in favour of victims?'. (2007) 236.
  • 'A significant proportion of Tony Blair's reforms have been forced upon him by crisis.' (2007) 648.
  • 'Non- disclosure is as much in the interests of justice as disclosure.' (2007) 380.
  • 'Why do we allow revenge and neglect it play such major roles in our justice systems?'. (2007) 81.
  • 'Education, not more legislation, will help the public understand and respect the law'. (2007) 1441.
  • 'It is time to recognise the benefits of Restorative justice'. (2007) 988.
  • 'Swift justice, although desirable, is not always the best course.' (2007) 1248.
  • 'The British penal system deprives prisoners of basic citizen's rights'. (2007) 1745.
  • 'Disclosure: Is the Crown complying with its duty?' (2008) 227.
  • '1998-2008: State and Citizen- When two parties break up'. (2008) 80.
  • 'Extradition and retrospectively'. (2008) 428.
  • 'Establishing the truth can take time.' (2008) 569.

For The Lawyer;   2000-2003.

  • 'Cuts in the justice system are criminal'
  • 'No justice in limiting rights to a jury.'
  • 'The cost of changing the system.'
  • 'When 'guilty' is the better choice'.
  • 'Will fair pay give a fair trial?'.
  • 'Excessive strain falls on jury members.'
  • 'Straw's scheme offers nothing new- Victim Personal Statements.'
  • 'Hooligans prove rights are not equal.'

For The Independent.

  • 'Are innocent people being kept in detention?' 28th November 2007.
  • The role of evil in the criminal justice system. 6th June 2008. 800

Columnist for The Times and Feature Writer since 1999.

Consultant Editor for Criminal Law and Justice Weekly - 2009 to date

Editor for Criminal Bar Quarterly 2000 to date

Regular writer for The Observer - 2008 to date

Regular writer for the Daily Telegraph 2012 to date


John Cooper QC has appeared in many television and radio broadcasts, both as a presenter and contributor. His credits include;

  • Teens on Trial, Channel 4 Presented six part documentary.
  • Mindfield, BBC presented studio discussion programme.
  • Trial of the Allies, a Newsnight Special, BBC (2006) co-presenting.
  • The Moral Maze, Radio 4  guest.
  • In My View , Al Jazeera
  • Regularly reviews newspapers for Sky News.

    Regular appearances on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Radio 4 and other major broadcasting

Associated Work

  • Board member of Prisoner of Conscience
  • Member of the Board of the Citizenship Foundation
  • President of League Against Cruel Sports
  • Associated with the “NUDGE” group
  • Freeman of the City of London : Worshipful Company of Coopers
  • Advisor to Foreign Office on Cambodian War Trials.
  • Assisted Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture.
  • Listed in Debrett’s People of Today as one of the most influential people in his field.
  • Chambers & Partners Directory listed as a leading Silk in crime and civil liberties.
  • Entry in Who's Who.
  • Former lawyer at Clifford Chance.
  • Member of Law Commission Working Parties on (i) Reform of the Law of Homicide & (ii) Expert Evidence Procedure in Criminal Trials.
  • Honorary Advisor to UCL Jurisprudence Review.
  • Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.
  • Director of Media & Communications for the Halsbury Law Exchange (LexisNexis)

Professional Memberships

  • Master of the Bench at Middle Temple.
  • Vice Chairman of Bar Council’s Public Affairs Committee.
  • Vice Chairman of Bar Conference Organising Board.
  • Criminal Bar Association.
  • Editor of Criminal Bar Quarterly (National Magazine for Criminal Practitioners).
  • Middle Temple (Advocacy Trainer).
  • Bar Human Rights Committee.
  • Called to Australian Bar 1989.
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts 2009 (FRSA).

Other Interests

  • Writer for television and theatre including: “The Law Lord” [BBC2]; “The Advocates” [ITV] “The Cure” [Royal Court Theatre], Burning Point [Tricycle Theatre]. Represented by Independent Talent.
  • Regularly appears on television and radio as spokesperson for the Bar on legal issues.


LLB (Hons), Butterworth Law Prizeman, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.


T. 020 7067 1500



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